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“Think of Anthony Melchiorri as a capeless crusader for ailing hotels, swooping into troubledproperties and conjuring cures.”

“Have you watched the new reality TV series, Hotel Impossible, yet? It's addictive.”

“If you want a crash course on just how incredibly detail-oriented you must be to run a good hotel, just watch Hotel Impossible.”

“Anthony Melchiorri doesn't mess around when it comes to hotels. He's been all over the world and worked in the hotel industry for more than 20 years, and after all of that time, he knows how to spot what's wrong with a hotel from the second he walks in. He also knows how to put it right. And that's what he does in his new series for Travel Channel. Hotel Impossible…”

“When hotels go wrong, Anthony Melchiorri's 'Hotel Impossible' puts things right.”

“Anthony Melchiorri isn't a TV personality doing a hotel show. He's a hotel guy doing a TV show. His resume and approach on camera make that clear from the first episode of “Hotel Impossible”…


“Travel Channel makes room for turnaround pro Anthony Melchiorri and 'Hotel Impossible'”

“Melchiorri also speaks or, rather, lectures viewers, hotel owners and workers in a blunt "I've seen it all" style not unlike Donald Trump's. Although Melchiorri projects a certain head-shaven intensity, he never erupts into angry obscenity like Ramsay or struts with Trump's ridiculously pompous self-regard. He is, in short, a patient teacher and a good manager, someone who recognizes and nurtures talent and potential. You'll walk away from the show wishing you had a boss like him.”

“Anthony Melchiorri takes no prisoners when it comes to the hotel business. As the star of Travel Channel's new Hotel Impossible, he's equal parts interior designer, marketer, and no-nonsense business consultant for various establishments that are on their way to the hospitality morgue. Armed with a considerable and prestigious history as a noted hotelier - as well as an obviously deep well of ambition and vision for the future - he takes viewers along for the ride as he overhauls all aspects of a number of hotel horrors and invests the time to take them fromvacancy to va-va-voom.”