Anthony Melchiorri:

The Experience

A hospitality industry guru, Anthony Melchiorri brings his 20+ years of experience in the business as the “hotel fixer” and host of Travel Channel’s original series “Hotel Impossible,” which will premiere its fourth season in January 2014. In this weekly one-hour program, he helps turn around the business of a hotel not living up to its potential or struggling to survive. After assessing each property, he works closely with the owners and staff to determine its biggest problems. Melchiorri has mere days to formulate a plan, revamp the hotel and re-motivate its staff in order to save these properties from going under.

Melchiorri has a proven track record of understanding a company’s vision and bringing its individual parts together to create a finely-tuned profit machine. With an acute attention to detail, has has developed and repositioned some of the finest, high profile properties in the U.S., including the first Nickelodeon Hotel and Resort and the landmark Algonquin Hotel.

Put on the fast track to success early on, Melchiorri began his career at the landmark Plaza Hotel as director of front office operations. By age 29, he became a seasoned professional and was selected to be general manager of the Lucerne Hotel in 1997. Under Melchiorri’s management, the Lucerne was developed into one of the top hotels in New York City, and selected as the New York Times Travel Guide’s Best Service Hotel. After seven years at the Lucerne, Melchiorri was appointed general manager of the world famous Algonquin Hotel. At the time, the Algonquin was a shell of its majestic past. Melchiorri and his team closed the hotel for a month and oversaw a basement-to-roof renovation, turning The Algonquin into a highly-rated Michelin Guide Hotel.

With an unmatched ability to break down perplexing problems and find solutions that generate profits and results, Melchiorri has parlayed his skills to form his own company, Argeo Hospitality, specializing in revenue management and consulting on hotel projects for private owners and investors. Additionally, Melchiorri is a sought-after keynote speaker for major hotel and hospitality conferences, and is currently penning a book on the hospitality of business.